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All right, so band bios suck! And probably this one will too. So what! Here goes:

johnny moved into the neighborhood at age 5 and Dan was 7. 
But it was Dan’s sister Tami, who was 4, that was actually 
credited with introducing the two.

You see, The Murray’s (Dan’s family) had a large, cardboard 
trashcan; the kind with a sealed metal bottom and an open 
metal ring. It was perfect for tubing (a person would get 
inside the trashcan and roll down a hill, in this case, Dan’s 
front yard hill). Tami invited johnny to go tubing and later 
Dan joined them. Whoopee!

While growing up in suburban Philadelphia, (actually Dan and
johnny lived two houses away from each other) Dan an johnny 
grew to be close friends. Scrounging spare pieces of wood and
 nails, they built forts (clubhouses). They borrowed family 
super-eight movie cameras and wrote, produced, directed and 
stared in their own horror/monster flicks, which they would 
show to neighborhood kids in johnny’s garage for a nominal 

Sometime, I’m not sure when, music entered into both of their 
lives. johnny would borrow Beatle albums from his brother and 
Dan and johnny would listen intently to the magic of the 
Beatles. At any given time, johnny or Dan might be found with 
their ears planted up to the speaker listening for hidden 
messages. Even, at times, playing albums backwards for “Paul 
is dead” messages. Didn’t work though.

The stages of their life continued, experiencing new and 
unanswered gestures; like Kiss.

Sometime later they discovered Kiss. Kiss was the first musical 
experience that the two of them had experienced without the 
aid of any adult. They bought albums, paraphernalia and even
 dabbled in the rock-star emulation world; using butane 
containers to fill one’s mouth an ignite the gas as on released 
the gas from the mouth. But the concert ticket for a show at the
 Spectrum in Philadelphia was the culmination of the Kiss 
experience. It was the first concert for Dan and johnny’s second
 (johnny saw David Bowie the year before), at it was the first 
concert where the two were not accompanied by an adult. It 
was the perfect time to see Kiss and be a pre-teen. Blood, pyrotechniques and LOUD male-oriented music.

But it wasn’t until Dan got his first acoustic guitar that they both
 had an affinity for performing music. You see, johnny’s brothers
 were always active in the music scene. One brother was into 
folksy type music and played his Martin acoustic and banjo. 
Another was into avant garde musical statements and joined a
 musical statement band. But the last one was very serious. He 
took lessons and worked to form a number of local band, 
performing at local bars, schools and performance houses. He 
always played original music, although never really penning 
too many of his own. He was the biggest influence on Dan and
 johnny. Both Dan and johnny would attend his shows (when
ever they could get in) and listen to rehearsal tapes. So as Dan 
began to learn the guitar, and figure out Beatles songs, johnny’s
 brother would turn out to be a fine resource.

When johnny decided to pick up the guitar Dan and johnny 
started writing and recording songs in the most arcane fashion
 imagined. Essentially at age 12 johnny would use his two tape recorders, one a reel-to-reel and one a cassette to produce 
multi-track recording. It would go something like this: johnny 
would set up suitcases arranged by size for tonal density and Dan would be on guitar. They would record the two of them playing one guitar and suitcases using tape recorder A. Then play with tape recorder A and record vocals and other instruments onto tape recorder B. Then tape recorder B had both the first track and the
 second track onto it. Arcane!

During the early high-school years, Dan, Randy and johnny 
informally get together with about 6 other dudes and plenty of 
other substances and make loud annoying noise with the use of
 musical instruments. Nothing comes from this. (nothing really 
should have, it sucked)

Now let’s jump ahead a few years when johnny formed “Furthur Abuse” for a high-school battle of the bands show. Dan or 
Randy were not in this band and basically had nothing to do 
with it. But Dan and Randy helped carry in the cases of beer 
and some equipment into the high-school gymnasium.

More time elapses...

johnny begins playing around the philly area with a four-piece 
band (guitar, bass, keys, drums). The lineup has the bass players
and key player from the high-school lineup and that’s it. But 
after a couple of shows this lineup stops. Until Dan walks by 
johnny’s house and is coaxed into coming in and playing some
 songs. A short time later, Dan takes over as bassist. Now it was
 time to convince Randy to play.

Randy, at this time had been playing in a couple of thrash band
(RELLIK to name one) and didn’t want to do anything less. 
johnny basically convinced him to play but assuring to him that
 he could use johnny’s drums during rehearsal. They started rehearsing and started playing around the philly area again. The
 songs, this time sounded better, but were basically johnny’s arrangement and notes played by other band members (drums, 
bass, keys). They play very successful shows, opening up for 
acts on major labels such as I.R.S. and Epic.

After a year and a-half Randy accepted a position as Randy the
 Rapist in the glam-punk band “The Serial Killers.” He left and 
the band broke up. johnny went back to school and marginally
 formed “The Velcroes” and “The Yarbles.” Dan formed “Quigley
 Mansion” and played local philly-area venues.

Jump ahead a few more years....

johnny is visiting his parents house and bullshitting with Dan, 
when Randy drives by. It was the first time a long time since 
johnny had seen Randy and they were very glad to see one 
another. Reminiscing over old stories, Randy suggests getting together to go over old songs. johnny, even though very busy, 
agrees and arranges a night.

johnny breaks out his guitar and amp and dusts off his bass 
(which Dan always used) and shows up at Dan’s parents house
. Randy arrives and they stand around figuring what songs to 
do and trying to remember the structure of them. They gleefully stumble through some of the old songs, giving a rougher and 
more honest edge to the music; much more so than when they
were together before. Remember, this revision is keyboard-less

A friend of Randy’s: Bezzi drops by. He has a death-metal band
 called: Trust Not and had previously sang for a revision of 
RELLIK years before. After sitting through this first practice, 
Bezzi exclaims “You guys are awesome!! You ought to play 
down at Spelunker’s.” A local dive. “You’d blow everyone 

They complete the night and everyone is smiles, but the nothing
 is said about reforming. Someone mentions that it might be
cool to bet together again, but nothing is concrete. And it is left
 up in the air.

Low and behold, Bezzi contacts Dan about a month later and 
offers them a show opening up for Trust Not at Spelunkers in a 
couple of weeks. Dan calls johnny. johnny says OK, whatever. 
Randy says sure. They agree NOT to get together before the 
show; and didn’t.

They play the show and blow everyone away, with a rocking 
set of 45 minutes. Everyone comments on how great they 
sounded and how tight they were, even though they hadn’t 
played together for about 3 years.

After that show came more and more and more, mostly at the 
same arenas. During this time, however, Furthur Abuse begins 
to refine a sound that has become unique to them and begin to incorporate new songs.

After playing for 3 years they release their first CD release 
“Avant Gardian Angel” on lowercase records. Avant Gardian 
Angel contains 9 tracks of original music. The disc is sold to 
fans at shows and at local record stores in the philly area. It is reviewed in local newspapers and industry-related magazines. 
Avant Gardian Angel begins to receive airplay on philly area 
stations such as WDRE, WYSP, WXPN and WKDU, aside from 
other college radio station; they are heard on the airwaves 
from the Jersey Shore to the middle of Pennsylvania and all the
 way to the west coast, were KSCR in southern California places
 Avant Gardian Angel on its high-rotation list. It quickly 
becomes a requested favorite at the station.

Since then, they have been playing in more established arenas
 such as The Trocadero which has showcased such acts as 
Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, and JC Dobbs who have featured Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr. But mainly have been focusing on 
playing some of the worst dives and hole-in-the-walls in the 

They are now recording a follow-up to Avant Gardian Angel 
which will be available, hopefully, for the Christmas holiday.